NO DATE selection in 'Partial' Purchase Orders

I think the Purchase Orders module should allow search without having to put a date selection. The 'Partial' in particular - it's difficult finding orders that are owed if I don't know when the order was placed. If I could simply put the supplier name in the 'Partial' tab it would bring up ANY owed items.

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Bumping this issue up because again today this would have been a useful feature.

This is something that could definitely help a lot of people. But just FYI, you can simple amend the date range using your keyboard. See screenshot below.


I completely agree with the need for this option. We currently have 400 'Partially Delivered' Purchase Orders across many suppliers. The oldest one dates back to June 2020. We would like to be able to see all of them, so having to change the dates everytime we log in is a waste of time. It also seems odd that you can only sort by 'Date' per page. Surely it makes sense to sort by date across all pages?

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