Reports for dispatched items by user

I'm trying to find out if there's a way for us to have a report that shows which items each user has dispatched .

Can be a separate report for each user, with a list of the items and quantities they have dispatched.

I know there's the hourly report , but that isn't good enough, as some orders have 1 item and some have 20.

I want to be able to measure the performance per user, and only seeing the number of orders dispatched will not be fair .

so ideally I want a report that shows the amount of "items/units" dispatched, and also the qty of each item/SKU shipped all together in a certain timeframe. 

The hours are not important, it's mainly by the day that matters.

Please advise.

Perhaps this can be achieved with a custom script?


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Hello Isaac,

Thank you for contacting us! 

I am afraid there is not an available report that includes this information, however, it can be requested as a custom report. Please, have a look at our scripting terms and conditions and in case you agree, let me know so I can raise a ticket on your behalf and forward it to our scripting team.

Have a great day ahead!



Hi Issac,

Did you get sorted? As I am also looking for something.


Hi Josh, So far haven’t done anything about it. It was mainly in the Christmas season that we wanted the reports so I haven’t really given it much thought since. But do let me know if you manage to figure it out. Thanks Isaac

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