Bulk import images from Google Drive

Hi, I’m trying to import 1000s of images from a Google Drive folder. I’ve got all the links and file names now, ready to be imported into Linnworks. I’ve tried to replicate the instructions on the page below: https://www.linnworks.com/support/settings/import-and-export-data/import-and-export-data-how-to-guides/getting-direct-links-to-files-on-dropbox-google-drive-or-a-private-ftp-server/ When I tested it on my browser the Google Drive link downloads the file when typing it into the url field. However, the file didn’t import into Linnworks when I go to inventory details and by images I select import from url. Please advise if there’s a way to make a different kind of link to import the image, perhaps a link that ends in “.jpg” etc. Thanks

Hello Isaac, 

Thank you for contacting our technical support.

I will convert this into a ticket and will ask you to provide me with the CSV so I can try importing it on my end.



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