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So currently if you reprint a label to show a customer proof that the items been posted 30-45 days after the processed date, for some unknown reason the item generates as a new shipment and appears in the open manifest

So if you don't pick this up manually and take it out of the manifest, you're being billed for these shipments when in fact they're not even real shipments

Question is, if we wanted to send the customer another item we would click "Resend" or "Create a new order". Why on earth does the function of reprinting the label create it as a new shipment within the manifest??

Really obsurd and a tedious task to do everyday!

There should be a simple fix for this. In no possible scenario should a reprint label generate it as a new shipment.!!

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We archive Royal Mail consignment data after 45 days. This means that the label can only be reprinted in 45 days since it was generated. As there won't be any consignment after 45 days the system will generate a new one.

Archiving Royal Mail consignments is a mandatory procedure to ensure normal performance when printing labels.

You shouldn't reprint the label after 45 days to proof the delivery. You need to use tracking number or 2D barcode that works as delivery confirmation.

If your service is using a tracking number, then you can always find it in Processed Orders screen. For domestic shipments with Parcels and Large Letter packaging you can use 2D barcode as a delivery confirmation. To save 2D barcode in order details please enable "2D Tracking Number" option in your service settings in Royal Mail integration.

If for some reason you can't find 2D barcode for your order, then you can raise a support ticket with this request. We can get this data for you from the archive.

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Shipping team

hello haider ali

you see they tekk what to do rather than fixing the problem,

why we sent the shipping label so customer will see a proof, so they can satisfy ,

butl linnworks says no, weird

we had same problem got same answer,

basically linnworks says this is the software, use it or leave 

i gave them 100s of suggestions, they just ignore

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