Possibility to change shipping date on shipping labels?

I’m trying to find out if there’s an option to choose a shipping date when creating shipping labels. So for example, we print a shipping label for an order at 6pm, after the courier has picked up all orders. So this order will only leave our warehouse the next day. Problem is, the customer receives an email that their order has been dispatched, as soon as we print out the shipping label, as by default the shipping date is today. When we manually book in a shipment on Parcelforce website, then we can choose the shipping date, so we put the date for the next day. But when we print the shipping label with Linnworks, I don’t know how to choose a different shipping date. Is there a way to do this?

Hello Isaac,

Thank you for contacting our technical support! My apologies for the delayed response here.

Since these labels are generated by Parcelforce we cannot amend the date. However, you can set the correct Pickup Schedule in Parcelforce integration (Shipping > Integrations > Parcelforce > Config), that way the label will show the correct date. Let's say your pickup is 4 pm, then any label printed after this time will have next date printed on the label.

In regards to the email that is sent after printing the label, I am afraid we do not have control over it as it's triggered by Parcelforce.

I hope this helps! Please, let us know if you requrie further assistance.

Have a nice day ahead!


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