Problem since updating to Magneto 2.3.3

Hi all

Since updating our Magento 2 store to 2.3.3 stock isn't updating correctly from Linnworks.

When stock is adjusted in Linnworks although it updates the quantitiy in Magento it will show an out of stock product as available still. Also if a product is out of stock and then we add the stock in Linnworks it still show out of stock on the Magento site. Our web developers are confident the site is working correctly has anyone else experienced similar problems with Magento 2.3.3 and Linnworks?



Hello David,

I have run several tests with our Magento 2.3.3 integration and the results are the following:

When Stock Level is more than 0, Linnworks will send the following to Magento:


When Stock Level is 0, Linnworks will send the following to Magento:


NB! The above is assuming that 'End When' setting is set to 0 in the Magento Channel Settings and for the specific item as well as 'Do not mark as out-of-stock' setting is disabled in the channel setting. So the test was run with 'default' settings only.

When stock level 0 is sent to Magento, on the back end it appears as follows:

And on the front end:

Once positive stock level is sent to Magento, stock level is correctly reflected on the back end as well as listing switches to 'In Stock' on the front end.

Taking the above into consideration, at the moment we cannot confirm that there is an issue with stock level updates between Linnworks and Magento version 2.3.3

I can see that you have a Support ticket raised regarding this issue, would you mind sending us an exact SKU where issue can be observed at the moment. That way we will be able to supply you with the inventory update feed from Linnworks which may be helpful to your developer in identifying the issue. 

You have also mentioned that the change to 'out of stock' or 'in stock' is happening correctly once stock level is updated on Magento back end. For a test, can your developer try to change stock level on your Magento via any API application (such as Postman, for example) and see if it will yield the same result. 

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Hi Marina

Thanks for your message and looking into this.

I have passed this information onto our developers. I have also just manually updated SKU SHAFSC16 and set the X-large size from a stock of 3 to 0. The whole product is now out of stock on Linnworks and the Magento 2 catalogue but the front end is still showing it as in stock.



Hello David,

Thank you for the information provided!

I will get back to you within the ticket Nr 1327424 shortly, as the response will include account specific information.

Kind regards,


Hi Marina

Thanks for looking into this

Kind regards


Hi David

I believe I entcountered this problem and figured out, It was due to the new magento MSI (Multi Stock Inventory) in magento 2.3.x. I disabled the extensions and my stock started working correctly again with linnworks.

Here is a link to the fix...

I think there are bugs with the MSI in magento 2.3.x I did not need that addition so to disable the extensions was not a problem for me.

Hope this helps



we have problem with stock quantities,

for example: product A level is 15, if customer place order for 10 units, column Quantity is 15 and salable quantity to 5 as there is 10 units reserved for this order, then LW will download the order and send new stock lvl to magento which is 5, so the column quantity is set 5, after this we are unable ship this order in magento as it says that there is not enough stock to fulfill this order.

Anyone has same problem, or we should disable this MSI (Multi Stock Inventory)  in magento?



Hi Wojciech, yeah we have the exact same issue. 

I've spoken to LW several times, they seem to want to treat it as a magento bug, rather than a new Magento feature that they are going to have to get to grips with. (Basically all LW need to do is, when running a stock level sync, submit the stock level less open orders from all channels, other than the magento channel in question, rather than submitting the 'available' level)

This issue prevents the orders processing in Magento when ever processing the order would mean the stock level going 'negative'. 

Causes a headache! 

Disable MSI might be a solution if you can work out how! 

Or manually checking and processing Magento orders by changing the magento stock level for the 'stuck' items to the LW stock level plus qty in the order that won't process.

Linnworks! Please consider an update to become compatible with Magento post version 2.3.x! It's hardly a small channel, and this is a Magento feature that is unlikely to go away. 

You could just give us a Magento channel config setting -> 'Sync stock level as available level + stock in open orders for this channel' tick box. 

Hello Noa,

Thank you for your comment!

Implementing support for Magento 2.3.x inventory and order management is already planned. Our developers will investigate new functionally and develop the solution to support MSI.

However, there is no ETA we can provide you with at the moment.

Kind regards,


Hi Noa,

I have asked my developer to disable MSI, I think we have to create copy of our magento store to test it first.



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