Basic Stock Info

I'd love to be able to enter a SKU or scan a barcode in mobile and get a very basic screen showing stock into. Don't need to be able to adjust anything. Just see a photo, product name, current stock and bin location.

It sounds basic but getting bin location and stock level from scanning a product or scanning the product barcodes we keep on the front of picking bins would be really useful for us.

This is definitely needed - especially if StockWise is being dropped. The ability to amend stock levels (depending on User Permissions), update locations/stock move, upload images etc is essential.

Agree with the above

Hi all, 

We have recently released a stock item view in Linnworks mobile. Tap the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner of the screen and scan a barcode / SKU and it should show you data on the stock item similar to what you would see in My Inventory. It is also possible to edit item weight, dimensions and binracks (for non WMS locations). All of Linnworks mobile uses the same permissions as It should function the same for a user as if they tried to make the same changes on 

We will look into making other fields editable based on your feedback. 


Very useful. The first obvious addition would be to allow the app to add images for the product.

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