Purchase order to update inventory

Hi all

I've just started using the Purchase Order function within Linnworks.net

Could someone tell me if a "Purchase order" being set to delivered will update the inventory stock level for the stock that is received within that purchase order.


Hello Salvatore,

There are several ways of delivering a Purchase Orders from the Purchase Order screen:

1) Option marked as 1 on the image above, allows you to select one item (change 'Add to Delivered' quantity if delivered quantity is different from the ordered quantity) and click 'Deliver'. This will increase the stock level of this item in the  location selected in the PO by the amount specified in the 'Add to Delivered' field. If this action is performed to one or few (but not all) items in the PO, PO status will change to 'Partial'

2) Option marked as 2, allows you to perform same action as above but in bulk and you will be able to edit the quantity received in the 'To Deliver' column. In case some of items have different values in 'Qty on PO' and 'To Deliver' columns, you will see a message notifying you of that and you will  have an option to Mark this Purchase Order as delivered anyway. If option is left unticked, PO status will change to 'Partial'.  This action will increase the stock level of the item in the location selected in the PO by the amount specified in the 'To Deliver' column.

3) Option marked as 3 only changes the status of the PO to 'Delivered' and removes 'Due' values for the items associated with this PO from my Inventory screen. This action does not affect stock level.

Another way of delivering PO items is via Stock In screen, where you will need to scan each received item individually and book in the quantity received. You will also be able to select Purchase Orders in which this item needs to be marked as delivered. This action will increase stock level in the location selected in the PO by the amount provided in the 'Quantity' filed.

I hope that helps,

Kind regards,


Many thanks Marina.

I used option 1 today as I only received part delivery but will try option 2 in my next delivery of goods.

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