Anybody else use to be a Volo customer


We left Volo or Velo last September 2019 and are having a nightmare closure with them as they want us to pay for a 12-month contract ??? The last 2 and half years we have been on special terms with them due to them not being able to provide the services we were kept being promised. They really didn't like it when we left and have reacted spectacularly with bullying tactics.

The irony came as we left as we were kept being promised Volo 2 that was under development for the past 2 years. It was the carrot that was always dangled with reduces fees to keep us on board. When we did leave which unbeknown to us they were being taken over, hence they have rebranded calling themselves Velo, but part of this takeover they did not acquire the Volo 2 software development. So if we had signed a new contract and stayed with them we probably would have been still on reduced fees but the carrot well and truly buried.

I have seen some other ex-Volo customers reviews who have had issues regarding leaving but never any outcomes to what the resolutions were. Currently, we only see this going to court and if the auto-renewal contract initially agreed in 2015 that has little relevance in 2019 is upheld then we have no option but to counter sue.

Any input or experiences would be appreciated.

Cheers James

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