EKM Powershop removing API access?

Has anyone heard about this potentially large issue with ekm powershop?

EKM powershop are removing the api access for all but the £200 a month plans, ekm powershop are trying to force sellers to go for the larger plans, another case of a company completely miscalculating their customer base and abusing their position.

whilst some of you might not be worried this is potentially a real issue for integration with linnworks,

Hello Matthew,

Thank you for contacting us!

As far as I can see you have already raised a ticket about this (Ticket ID 1324522). I will update you on the ticket.

Have a nice day ahead!

Yes Angela, however I'm presuming a lot of sellers that use EKM are unaware of this, the situation is if you don't pay the higher £200 + a month to EKM you will no longer have linnworks communicating directly with EKM, I think it's an absolute disgraceful move by EKM powershop and i suggest that once people are aware of this they should let ekm know whether this is through facebook, trustpilot etc, it's a very cynical move from a company to squeeze more money out of customers.


I think EKM said we can still use the API by logging into it through linnworks and granting access like we currently do we just can't access all the API information to create a custom API integration 

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