Get stuff working BEFORE implementing other things!!

Why can't you concentrate on making the program function correctly instead of moving on to more & more changes/implementations?

Extract inventory STILL doesn't work correctly, now you have taken it from BETA so I assume you think it is. We've had problems with it from the start and had numerous conversations on the 'chat box' as well as tickets. Still I can't download & extract from Ebay without problems.....LW doesn't create a variation from an extract even though it says 'CREATE' so we have to create the variation first then run download, update, download etc.

Great it seems to have done it, but NO!...None of the items have barcodes in, quick check on Ebay back end & yes they are there, they are even in LW on every item but still it doesn't insert them.

Why when I click on ' ALL SITES' can't I select UK any more? It thinks about it then stays on all sites. That wouldn't be a problem if I could click and sort alphabetically, but of course that only works PER PAGE, move to page 2 and it needs doing again so all the UK ones are mixed in per page.

I thought the point of extract was to extract information easily and not lose sales history, feedback etc. The time it takes trying to do it is ridiculous.

Hello Adam!

Thank you for your feedback on the Extract Inventory tool.

Commenting on the issues raised above - Extract Inventory tool does have the functionality to create Variations from eBay as well as to populate barcode fields in My Inventory screen. 

If this is not happening on your account that needs to be looked into by our technical support team. 

May I ask you to raise a ticket providing example SKUs where both issues can be observed (please do not create a Variation in Linnworks, leave the Variation in the Extract tool in 'Create' status, so we can check further).

Please also keep in mind that 'Details' option needs to be selected to extract barcodes from eBay:

'All Sites' filter is not working temporarily - it is in development queue to be fixed. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause!

To work around this issue, I recommend the following:

1) select maximum (400) listings per page option in the bottom of the page:

2) Apply Site filter in the column header:

Once moving to the next page, the filter will be applied already and with the maximum listings per page selected, you will not need to switch pages too many times.

Kind regards,


We do have these options selected every time I try to extract....the only ones we don't select are stock level & price. I have already mentioned the fact that this has been looked at over & over by the chat box and also wasn't sorted. As we found a way to do it (even though it take ages) we just get on with it

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