Automatically Link All By Sku

When using the configurator to send a product to Magento, it only links to the SKU to that specific channel despite us having multiple Magento store views linked, we then have to manually link the product to the remaining 20+ store views which can take an awfully long time. If we wait for unlinked items to come through on the orders. We risk overselling as it does not adjust the stock until the item is linked for that channel (despite it already being linked to one)

It would be great if linnworks could regularly run the "link all by SKU" for each channel without us having to manually click the button every day and wait for it to link the unlinked items for that channel. 

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Its the same with Amazon and is a right pain. You've created the listing so LW knows its the correct item its linking so should do it automatically. 

Amazon Automatic Linking sounds, just the job, but I back you in your request

totally agree!!

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