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 Hi, love the rules in linnworks, fantastic idea - however...

Could you please add a few more juicy bits to the ACTIONS side of the system?  It's very rich in Conditions, but lacking some simple actions.

Specifically for me right now - mark as paid or other status changes.  I have a couple of trade customers who have credit terms with us, they order through our website and their orders sit unpaid in linnworks.

I can find their orders easily with conditions... i just can't do what i need to with them.

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Hi Adam, 

I think that this is a good idea and one that we would take advantage of as well as we also have some trade customers who have credit terms. 

We do something very similar to you within Linnworks at the moment. If the rules engine had a broader range of actions, including being able to change the order status based on certain conditions, then it would be possible for this process to be automated. We have also configured Zapier to send us an email/text "Zap" notification when a trade order is placed via our Magento channel. This prompts us to invoice these on the Magento channel which then updates the order on Linnworks as paid. 

Hi Adam,

Whilst I can see this might at first seem like a great option, it would be an unrealistic Action to implement at the moment.

The reason for this is that the Rules Engine is designed not to run automatically on any unpaid orders.

To make this fundamental change to the functionality would require some very careful investigation before it could be considered to ensure that it would not break existing rules and workflows that other users already have in place

I don't have the same need but I totally agree that the rules engine could be enhanced by some extra functions - making it far more useful.  In my dream world it would be 'trigger based' and work like the software WinAutomation - but I appreciate that would be a mission!

Currently for me, I could really do with it being to create an order extended property from an item in the order XML if it exists (which it always would for a particular source).  There's so much extra info in some channels XML and it would be very useful to be able to access it.  

I will also throw in 'add note' as something else I would have used in the past that I'm sure would help more than myself.

Hi Dave,

if you need the Rules Engine to perform more complex actions such as create an Order Extended Property based on a specific value within the Order XML provided by the sales channel this can be achieved by running a macro as the Action of the Rules Engine.

If you need assistance with this please contact our customisation team who will put together a specification to clearly define the requirements and provide an estimate for the development work.

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