Auto refresh Open Orders Beta views and auto apply filters

Please could you add auto refresh to Open Orders Beta just like the old open orders screen. So when you change views it auto refreshes instead of always clicking the refresh button because currently you have to click refresh to update the view. Same with when canceling orders etc, the order still shows until you press refresh. The old open orders screen automatically refreshes when you change views or make changes to orders etc.

Also in the Open Orders Beta, would be great if when using filters, when you tick options they automatically apply just like linnworks desktop. Currently when you tick a filter you always have to click apply and then untick and click apply again to remove the filter. It also hides other options when one filter is applied e.g if you filter one folder then other folders are hidden and you cannot tick them until you untick the current folder and click apply again to see the other folders again. 

Would be much better if filters would auto apply and you can easily tick and untick options like desktop. 

Thank you.

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The refresh button in Beta open orders was only designed to be there temporarily and will be removed soon. It was put there as a workaround while we make sure that views are auto-refreshing properly, and once that's confirmed we can remove the button. There's no need to have a refresh button if your views are always accurate!

Having a separate apply button makes applying multiple filters faster. If you've got 5,000 orders in a view, defining all your filters upfront then applying them to a single data set is a lot quicker than applying one filter, waiting for the filter to take effect, then applying another filter, then another etc. The Apply button also removes filters that can no longer be applied to the orders that have been returned. This helps thin out the filter selection and makes it easier to use.

A year has passed.

Auto refresh being removed was mentinoed to be a temporary thing.

Its quite important to what I do. 

Is there an ETA?

5 months and still no update on this?

Has this been looked into?

Its 2 years since raised

This remains an issue - changing a view then requires the view to be refreshed

Refresh should refresh all views

and/or allow each view to have an auto-refresh interval and/or to refresh automatically once on selection

17 Jan 2023

3 years and no auto refresh every 10 mins or so

thumbs down!

Auto Refresh would be great - a temporary thing lasting 5 years!

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