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Would it be possible for Linnworks to offer the function to tag VIP customers so we can send them freebies etc with their orders?

Would it be possible for Linnworks to offer the function to tag customers that regularly spend more than X so we can offer targeted marketing material?

Would it be possible for Linnworks to to offer the function to tag customers that we've had problems with in the past (fraudulent activity, claims of non receipt)?

The tagging process would be a manual one by the user. e.g. Highlight the order in question, tag with a colour (GOLD) and mark as VIP.

Introduce a column in open orders called 'customer profile' any tags and notations would show up here.

Once tagged, subsequent orders by the tagged customer would always stand out (with their colour and notation) and be visible to the fulfillment team. 

This would be very useful in my opinion for a number of reasons.

  • Improve Retention - Focusing on rewarding VIP customers
  • Reduce Complaints of Non receipt - ensuring customers who've made claims in the past always get sent tracked.
  • Reduce Fraudulent Claims - refunding orders that have resulted in chargebacks/fraudulent activity previously.

You then begin to filter by tags and send targeted emails.



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Hi Chris,

It is possible to do this within Linnworks automatically using the rules engine and assigning an "Identifier". Identifiers can be set up under Settings > General Settings > Identifier > Add Identifier. It is possible to upload an image for each Identifier eg "VIP" so that these are visible on the open orders screen. You can set up a rule for VIP customers by setting up a condition eg email address "matches one of" ..... with an Action to "Assign an Identifier" where the "Action Value" is "VIP" (need to set the Identifier up first). 

You will be able to use this technique for your VIP customers and "Fraud potential" customers. If you have an email list of your high spenders then this process will also work. An alternative would be to set up a rule for the order total if this exceeded a certain value. You could then mark it with a "High £" identifier - this would highlight all high £ orders rather than known high £ customers. 

We use a number of identifiers that are automatically assigned using the rules engine. It is also possible to manually assign an identifier to an order as well. Right-click order > Order > Identifiers > Assign Identifier.

This is a really useful feature of Linnworks that I don't think many users are aware of.

I hope that this helps :) 


Hi Andrew,

many thanks for adding this reply

You have described the process very well, which has saved me from writing one up.

Much appreciated

Mark Aldous

Head of Professional Services


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