System to restrict which channels an item can be listed on


From time to time we receive emails from Amazon where they get upset about certain items that we sell on their channel. These are sometimes valid concerns, but other times they're just automated matches based on certain characteristics of the item. For example we sell nursery products and one of the products that we sell is an anti-bacterial surface wipe for dummies. Now amazon crawled the description of the product which containes the words "anti-bacterial" and "anti-fungi" and came to the conclusion that the product is a pesticide and they warned us that we're not allowed to sell such products. We tried explaining their mistake to the customer support, however eventually it was just easier to pull the item from Amazon as they wouldn't budge. Now we've made a note of the item internally, but since that court ruling( they seem to be really overzealous and now we receive similiar emails on almost a daily basis. Keeping up with the list of items we're not supposed to list or relist across multiple Amazon countries is becoming an increasingly difficult thing to manage. At one point we accidentally relisted an item as such and our Canadian account got shut down for it.

Therefore I suggest having a system perhaps at the SKU level, in a new tab where all the available channels are listed with a tickbox and users could check the tickboxes to indicate that the item should not be listed there. This way when the user right clicks on the product and hovers over Create Listing the configurators for the restricted channel would no longer show or alternatively there could be an error message to inform the user that the item has been restricted.

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Hi Daniel,

please review the following help center solution article which describes how this can be achieved by adding specific extended properties to you Linnworks inventory items.



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