MAGENTO 1 Suddenly failing to connect

Hi we are using Magento and on thursday out of the blue we have suddenly stop connecting to Linnworks. I have tried to create a new connection and all i keep receiving is 

Channel integration test failed. Please check your details and try again. Error message: The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.

Has anyone ever experienced a sudden stop like this before? With no recent changes last week to our website is seems very strange we have spoken to our host and they are saying nothing has recently changed at their end

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Hi just had a reply from my hosting company regarding a possible cause to my issue......

We made a minor tweak to the supported cipher set, removing one within TLSv1.2 which is no longer deemed PCI Compliant. As our Premium services need to remain PCI compliant, ideally Linnworks need to be updating their cipher set to ensure connectivity continues to be secure.

Many thanks,

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