Open Orders BETA - Stock level indicator


Are you planing to do anything with the stock level indicator in the new beta?

Basically you have four bars but use only three - Fully Green ( 4 bars )  , Orange ( two bars ) , Red ( one bar )

Currently it is slight misleading as from full green it fails straight to orange, let us think we need to review stock level.

But actually there is still plenty of stock.

I know at the current you use only three colours but at least there is white line in the middle indicating where about the stock level is.


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Currently, we are using the regular open orders and when we open an order we can see straight away which products are in stock, and what we need to get from the supplier or other warehouses etc.

On the new BETA platform, it doesn't show. Can this be added?

Please see attached screenshots comparing the old view to the new view.



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