reorder case quantity

would be very ideal to be able to raise po based on case quantity of suppliers, alot of suppliers just accept po in case quantity and same when we get the stock, current;y very difficult to keep calculating between case and units 

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A Product supplier data has a field PackSize, this field defines how many units in a pack and PO will round up to the complete Pack when you enter a quantity of units.

Purchase Order print template has fields:

  • PackSize - supplier pack size
  • PackQuantity - number of packs base on the quantity of units/packsize

I assume, the trouble you are experiencing is while creating a PO its not possible to see the Pack Size and a bit of a pain in the arse to go to My Inventory get the number in a pack, then calculate how many packs you need and then add the quantity that matches the number of packs. Am I correct?

I can add some UI to show Pack Size and a field to enter a Pack Quantity and the quantity of units will auto calculate. Would that solve your issue? 

firstly thanks for implementing this,

 small issue is that when opening a new po these two columns are not there it only got added to previous po' 

also on the deliver all items page these  columns have to be added in order to make it easy to receive inventory would be really great if the same can be implemented 

many thanks 

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