Improved Linnworks - Magento Multi-Store Integration

We have recently enabled the Magento Multi-Store option on our website and have encountered a few issues on the Linnworks side.

1:  We are unable to list to our newly added website through Linnworks because Linnworks is pulling down the incorrect Root Category and not the newly added root category that was made for the website.

Solution needed:   For Linnworks to pull down the CORRECT root category for the additional website.

2:  Channel mapping currently pulls down all products from the Magento Inventory regardless whether you have separate integrations for each site. This makes the Inventory Mapping Screen much more difficult to use as you are presented with a lot of products you might not need.

Solution:  Make Channel Mapping only show the products for the relevant website for that integration OR add a Filter Option to allow users to acheive the same effect.

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