.NET email sender copy to email going via CC instead of BCC

Hi, a heads up and maybe not so much a problem but could be if you expect the email sender's "Send copy to:" function in .NET to behave the same as Desktop.

I've been using Desktop and its despatch notification sender for years with my own email address in the "Send copy to:" so I could have proof emails were landing/had been sent etc. I recently changed to .NET and a few days in, I noticed that the despatch emails had my personal email address in the CC field rather than what must have been the BCC from the Desktop sender.

I have changed it to another business alias email but I don't quite get why the behaviour has changed as typically you don't get despatch emails where there is a blatant CC to another email address, I would expect (I think!) that that would happen silently via BCC.

Hi Dan.

I have asked the team who responsible for email sending jobs to comment. I agree that send copy to [specific email address] should not be CC'ing the secondary email address in the original message. I will update you when I hear more.

The fix for this has been released.

Big shout out and thanks to Jamie in Alpha team for jumping on this so quickly. 

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