Makes it more obvious when notes have been added against a PO or a SO

At the moment, with sales orders and particularly with purchase orders, there's no way of knowing if an order has notes against it unless you specifically check. It would be good if the button changed colour or had something to show the notes.





Thank you its a good suggestion. We will make sure this is implemented when PO is redesigned. 

In the meantime, I have checked it we do have the PO notes count when we are loading the PO, so it should be very very easy to add a count to a notes button - I will do it. 

Having notes count in the Purchase order list is a little more complicate but doable, I will give it a go, if its fairly easy to do and has minimum impact I will also do it. 

That's great. Thanks for the good response as always!

I have added Notes counter to Edit Purchase Order Notes button as shown below. 

It should be released today/tomorrow. 

Adding Purchase order counter to list of purchase orders is a little bit more complex and requires the whole thing to go through full change cycle, with QA etc. So unable to push it through quickly I am afraid. But I will keep the card for this work in the backlog and as soon as there is an opportunity to sneak it in as part of wider change I will do it.

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