Order screens

The ability to search and view open and processed orders would be a HUGE benefit for anyone on mobile.

Pretty sure there's plenty more to include here but just basics would be a good start. 


Open orders you can view now via Despatch Console (only the most basic info for now). Open Despatch Console > scan order id, tracking number or any barcode of an item, it will bring up the order details. 

Currently working on Process function in the same screen and ability to make most common changes to the order, i.e. Change shipping, weight and packaging.

The same sort of screen would be used for viewing order details, obviously we are limited by the real-estate and I am thinking of doing swipe left-right action to view different section of the order, and limiting what users can potentially see, as we not necessarily want to show packer/picker all the details of the order. Let me know what you think about what it looks like now, what info would be most important to see for you and in which order.

I'll do a detailed test when I get a chance but that screen grab looks pretty good already!

Has there been any progress made on this?  It would be good to see all the individual orders which need to be dispatched and processed orders too.

Hello, has anything more been done here?  We would need to see Internal & Process Notes on the mobile app.   As the note implies Process Note for when the order is being processed but you can't see it when processing on the mobile app

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