Ability to adjust stock levels of various items in a list, see pic attached as

Personally I use the adhoc search to adjust stock quantities rather that the set stock feature.

I would like the ability to adjust stock levels in the mobile view as follows in the image below.
Having the ability to adjust the quantity and then press set would eliminate calls to the api every time you plus and minus and in theory create a much faster experience.

Take for instance I have my bin rack set up as WH- A0-01 02, 03 etc if you could enter WH-A0 in the search box it would display say 10 itemss in that location and you could just quickly go down the list and set the quantity on each item.

The stockwise app etc is good by fuzz  but this has many steps to achieve the same goal of adjusting a stock quantity on one item (3-4 screens)


Cannot state any timelines here at the moment, but here is what I will try to squeeze in quickly to test the theory out.

Edit Item screen

When on the home srceen, if you scan a SKU/Barcode (or any product identifier) it will bring up basic product information (SKU, Title and Image) and the same information as you see in Inventory tab in My Inventory Edit item. Here you can make diff adjustments. Can't really do + and -, but the numerical keypad entry should be good alternative. We can then record the audit trail properly and if necessary request manual entry from the user as to why the stock is manually adjusted. 

Find multiple items

When you scan a binrack location, it will give you a list of all items that are allocated to the binrack in your current location. From there you can select individual item and bring up Edit Item Screen. 

Sounds like a plan? 

Personally for mobile I would divide into different sections for different specifics you want to edit. Taking the stockwise app as an example there you can edit multiple things relating to an inventory item on the same screen but this makes it less user friendly because you have to click in the item then scroll the screen to find the element to edit and it becomes messy.

So in the Inventory menu you would have something like

adjust stock level

adjust retail prices

adjust binracks etc

and each one would have its own search screen

I know this is a long winded approach in terms of coding etc but from a usability perspective it is much better.

I would not sit on my mobile phone editing titles etc etc

So taking adjust stock level as an example

this only shows sku, title, barcode, binrack and stock level  with only the stock level being editable (don't have images this would slow it down)

finding multiple items

Your method is good but make the binrack search liberal i.e. don't make the user have to either scan or type in the exact bin location. So i could still get results when searching WH-A0 instaed of WH-A0-01

In terms of numeric keepad entry do not allow the option for it to default to the native devises keypad as stockwise app sometimes fires up both at the same time and this is also messy.

If you only stick to your own keypad this would not be an issue a bit like the image below in stockwise but with a clear button as well as a back button as this makes everything slow on the stock wise app. If you want to adjust the stock you want to clear the value in the input field straight away, type in your new value and press set.

Forgiver me for the scrappy explanation but doing it quickly before i leave.


Thank you for your comments, I will think about couple of potential methods for quick adjustments to inventory items, particularly stock levels and values.

I agree that going into each item individually to adjust stock for stock check/count purposes is rather inconvenient. 

I agree that editing finer details of the stock item is an overkill on mobile. 

Hi Fedor, having looked at mobile recently the stock screen count is pretty good with a couple of exceptions, one is when using an iphone and pressing the buttons to enter the stock number, the number is not displayed correctly see attached picture, the second is, the ability to scan a barcode using the device from the web would be really good.

Has any progress been made on this?  We would find it useful to search for an item (not just by SKU/Barcode/Bin Rack) by using it's title and see what the stock level and bin rack location is.  We could then easily update the bin rack location and quantity.

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