Ability to edit the columns view in Dispatch console to hide or highlight necessary or unnecessary information

We'd love the ability for the following in the dispatch console, as it will make our packing desks more efficient and less prone to error.

- Changing the background colour of the column "Quantity" of the items grid depending on its value.

- - ie. If there is more than one of the same item/SKU, highlighted data in yellow, so that the packers can easily see there is more than one of the same          - - item, and correctly pack.

- Being able to hide and save views in Dispatch Console. Ability to hide the columns such as Bin Rack , Per Unit, Discount, Tax and Line Cost to make more space for all columns (specifically Item Title).

Hi Matthew,

I am working on despatch console in mobile. It is designed for quick processing of the orders on a mobile device (mobile scanner) or a tablet on a packing stage, hence has only most critical information for packer. For example view on iPad looks like this: (its in production already so you can have a look yourself on https://mobile.linnworks.net


While I am at it, would like to get some feedback and potentially implement some options for changing the layout.

* Copy of reply from  Matthew Dahan *


Hi Fedor,

Thanks for letting me know – interesting development news.

We are using touchscreen monitors – please see attached image of our packing stations, and the dispatch console window, as displayed on a 15” touchscreen monitor (1366x768 is the max res!)

We manufacture our items to order, and dispatch same day. Our custom API will print the Linnworks order ID onto the back of each product as a barcode. 

All the packer needs to do is scan the Order ID barcode in dispatch console and generate the shipping label.

The problem with the current setup is If there are more than one item to be packed, correct SKU’s need to be scanned prior to label printing, however the view cannot show the packer the full name and size of the product, and we cannot edit this☹

If you’d like, I could explain better over a screenshare session with TeamViewer and a phone call.

Let me know your thoughts, and how best we can work around this!

Kind regards,

Matthew Dahan

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