Who uses Woocommerce? Any rounding issues?

Hi, just wondering how many people use Woocommerce with Linnworks?

We have a Woocommerce installation that integrates nicely apart from the odd order where a product that Woocommerce sells for 9.99 (VAT inclusive) and displays as 9.99 within Woocommerce becomes 10.00 in Linnworks. Typically it is when a discount is used.

It is rather annoying as it makes the Linnworks order line wrong. I've been working with support to look at this problem and it seems to be down to the XML feed that the REST API generates. When a 9.99 product is correct on both Woocommerce and Linnworks the values look like:

Subtotal 8.33

Subtotal tax 1.66

Total 9.99

When it is wrong it is getting these values:

Subtotal 8.33

Subtotal tax 1.67

Total 10.00

Is anybody else seeing this with their Woocommerce integration?



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