.net listing on ebay is a nightmare.  The filters to distinguish ebay International sites is not there.  All the templates are lumped together and you cannot tell which sites have a listing and which don't without opening all templates.  You can't just filter like you could on Linnlive eg. you can't do "ebay - Items not listed - on channel -DE".  It would be OK if you only wanted to list a couple of items individually but when you have 15000 items and they are  randomly listed on different channels you need to be able to filter them in bulk.

Also deleting templates is sooooooooooo slooooooooooooooooow.  They hang and don't delete.  In Linnlive it was instant.

I'm sure the ability to switch Linnlive back on for desktop must still be there.

It is totally unfair that desktop users have a price hike to pay for .net and then we have our features reduced and made unusable.

Please give us back Linnlive, at least until .net actually works.  I'm told the International filtering feature is coming in the near future - but that was said about the 'new' open orders screen and purchase orders - near future appears to mean years, in the meantime we are expected to just struggle and not list?

Not acceptable

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