Suggestion for the New Open Orders (Beta)

I would like to suggest if you could implement a custom made tags for the new beta open orders. We try to work by tagging the orders and we can not add a new for a specific tag.

If you can do that I am sure that more users will be thankful.


this has indeed been implemented already for the new Open Orders screen.

You are able to create your own custom Order Identifiers through Settings > General Settings > Order Settings

In this tab you will find a section titled Identifiers which you can use to add new ones with your own name and icon.

These identifiers can be made visible in the General Info column within new Open Orders and also used as View level filters to control which orders are displayed.

They can be assigned to orders in the following methods

  1. Automatically via the Rules Engine
  2. Manually via the Action (Right-Click) menu
    1. Order > Identifier > Assign Identifier
  3. Manually via Edit OrderĀ 
    1. Properties > Identifiers > Add Identifier

Mark Aldous

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