Window sizes and scroll bars are rubbish

Why can't you sort this out? Linnworks doesn't work within Windows correctly.

Scroll bars move but don't take you to the bottom of lists....when I try to create a purchase order I have to keep 'zooming out' to see the last line I entered. It gets so small with a big order I need binoculars to read the screen!!!

If I click on a line item then use the arrow keys it moves down the list, but the lines don't move up - the highlighted one just disappears off the bottom. It's becoming harder to use Linnworks...

I suggested the 'search screen' that pops up when looking for items in purchase orders, sales orders etc to be the width of the screen so we don't have to move the divider bar EVERY single time you add a line - but that hasn't been implemented.

Still you concentrate on changing screen views (like orders screen) instead of listening to users on what is actually needed.

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