product level shipping rules

 Hi i am sure many people on Linnworks have this problem you sell a item that is Royal Mail Large Letter not a problem but wait the customer has ordered more than 1 they might have ordered 2 or 3 or even 4 units now its not a large letter but a parcel so you have to manual change the shipping method the current options that Linnworks have do not work 

What i would like to see in my mind is very easy to set up and most others (Selro Storefeeder Ect ) have this option is to have on the Product details screen under Postage definition is a shipping rule i have attached a image below so you can see what we are talking about 


Hi George,

Thanks for raising this. It's actually possible to do this in various different ways using our rules engine! One of the options for conditions there is "Item Count", IE the number of products the customer has ordered. You can then take an action to assign the shipping method you wish based on the number of products the customer has ordered.

Alternatively, if you wanted to automate it in a more complex but more comprehensive fashion, you could use a combination of rules engine and packaging groups. This would let you automatically set types of packaging based on maximum weights and sizes of the items within an order, then rules engine would automatically assign the shipping service based on the packing that was selected, too. IE, if the items the customer has ordered would fit within Royal Mail's "Small Parcel" service, we'll automatically assign that packaging and shipping service for you.

Hopefully this helps!

Kind regards,


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