Correct "Currently replying in under" estimates

Just an idea, have a realistic "Currently replying in under" time. Yesterday it was "Currently replying in under 2 minutes", I waited 57 minutes to even get acknowledgement of my message.

Same again today, "Currently replying in under 2 minutes", going on 20 minutes now and haven't had any response.

How about change the response time to actually match how long we will wait, so we're not sat here looking at a screen waiting for a reply.

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Hi Jade,

Thank you very much for raising this.

We are aware that the response expectations that a user sees when launching the chat may not be actual at the moment. This is due to technical limitations on the end of our chat system provider and how it works at the moment is that it calculates the current response time the first time you log into and the chat widget is loaded. If the response times change, which they very likely will throughout the day, the message that you see will only be updated once you re-log into your account, or refresh your browser.

We are currently in contact with Freshdesk, our chat system provider partner in order to find a solution to this.

Best regards,


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