New Pricing What A Joke!

.....We have listened to you, we want to help small businesses, reward your loyalty, total crap!

Our subscription is due to increase from £200 to £450 that is a 125% increase, I will just repeat that, 125%!!

Your order volume breaks are well out of line unless you are a bedroom eBayer

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As well as leaving a review on Trustpilot I have also left my opinon on Google's listing for Linnworks at the link below :-


Hey Matthew, great idea. I've also just left them a google review too!!

Here's the link again

Great Idea i have also left a google review 

Google review also left, good idea. 

Linnworks, whats up with your new prices?

Charge per feature maybe, but number of orders?! 

Totally sneaky giving us a 3 month limit to choose from too.

We've spend thousands too on custom reports and integrations into my WMS

Nice idea also on the google reviews. Everyone please share their thoughts and feelings on the below sites:

TrustPilot reviews

Google reviews

It is important that other prospective Linnwork clients get a good understanding of what things are like being a long standing customer. The larger companies in particular will pay close attention to these reviews as they want a company who has stability and can build a close relationship.with. I have a feeling there will not be many future clients if the recent reviews are anything to go by.

Well we buggered to, we do around 1800 orders month small value so the 12p extra charge wipes most profit out so the answer simple move providers , well done Linnworks being with you from the start 2009 and now you cast us to the side . Total Rip Off 

Hi Joanne,

We are in the same boat, ultra low margin, high volume so cant afford that extra .xxp per order.

Linnworks desktop isn't that great and pretty slow . Let me know how your search for another system goes.

I'll have to start looking as the new fee structure is just not on.

I cannot believe this new price increase we have had so many problems with linnworks the last few months.

We have already started looking into other options.

We have demos booked in for Veeqo, StoreFeeder & Mintsoft 

If there are any other suggestions please let me know

Linnworks has lost a star on trust pilot in a day, now only 2*  (BAD)

I would expect a lot more bad reviews in the next few days, a lot of people have not even seen the article yet and many like myself are waiting for an official response. 

I'm not expecting anything but i want to give them a chance before i absolutely go to town on them all over the internet!

I'm lucky that my subscription runs out next January so have plenty of time to trial and check alternatives,i f i find something that meets our needs i am now prepared to cancel early. 


Really disappointing that Linnworks haven't had the decency to put a short statement to acknowledge the strength of feeling shown here and elsewhere. Even if such a statement just reaffirms the bad news it would at least let everyone know where they stand and make their own arrangement to leave.

If people are not responded to in a decent respectful way then the only  voice they have is to post how they feel on here and elsewhere.

Please Linnworks a short statement would be really appreciated. 

I too am waiting a day or so before unloading anywhere and everywhere on them. I still am some how holding out hope that they come to their senses.

On a side note has anyone heard of multichannelworks. They look like they have the features Linnworks has and have a one time purchase plan that sounds appealing but I an not find much information on them good or bad and their demo video was down to view (not a good start)

Please Linnworks a short statement would be really appreciated. 

I think a lot of people assume Linnworks will back-track but they know what they are doing as they have all the figures. The backlash will be no surprise and pretty much calculated (collateral damage), don't hold your breath for a statement, change of heart or apology.

We too have been looking at Veeqo since the last price increase they are based in the same town as us Swansea - They don't have all the features of Linnworks as yet but they do have their own Warehouse Barcode Picking / Scanner that we could really do with that Linnworks lacks - awaiting a phone call from Linnworks Sales before we start to look elsewhere see if there is a 'Deal' to be had.

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