New Pricing What A Joke!

.....We have listened to you, we want to help small businesses, reward your loyalty, total crap!

Our subscription is due to increase from £200 to £450 that is a 125% increase, I will just repeat that, 125%!!

Your order volume breaks are well out of line unless you are a bedroom eBayer

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LINNWORKS trust pilot account nose dived today!

Like everyone else that has commented on here, we will be another customer that Linnworks will lose. The pricing is just getting ridiculous. 

I'm searching into alternatives now, although our current subscription with Linnworks does not run out until September so I have a bit of time.

Also fed up with the printing issues and glitches.... Oh well, nothing lasts forever as they say. Very disappointing though as used Linnworks for over 3 years.

Spoke to Nick at StoreFeeder today, very professional, went through our requirements and understood them perfectly. Very impressed, just waiting for them to confirm a few technical points before we jump ship.

Hi Rich, May i ask what made you favour Storefeeder over Selro, We are undecided between those two as an alternative 

Matthew: There isnt much in it but the storefeeder app is a bit of a draw and their professional manner thus far, offering to come and visit to see how we operate, prepared to consider minor changes to accommodate us.

I just got onto a call with Selro they have all the features we need and at a fraction of a cost £69 for 5000 orders a month. 

I guess Linnworks is trying to get rid of small businesses and focus on the large ones. After 4 years with Linnworks I guess its time to say byebye.

Never used all their features anyways as most of it is buggy and the customer service is so bad they just open tickets and tell us to wait for a reply.

Linnworks are reading this and trust pilot, just noticed they have reported one of the posts on trust pilot for breaching trust pilot rules

Linnworks are spending more time policing comments by Loyal Customers than ACTUALLY responding to the concerns of Loyal Customers

my concern with selro is I don't think they are particularly large company, Hence I'm not sure what support will be like, I've also found one or two issues that I'm trying to iron out so I'm undecided still, certainly not staying with linnworks but weighing up my options

I'm going to try it out for 14 days see if it works out well for us.

Are the two alternatives only Selro and Storefeeder? I also checked Expandly, but they dont do royal mail 2D barcodes

my concern with selro is I don't think they are particularly large company

These were the best days for Linnworks, things happened, customers were really valued and bugs got fixed quick.

Yes I agree, But I was getting quick responses from them, however I'm not now so I think possibly they are inundated which is understandable, but what happens when things go wrong?

for me support is very important, I'll see

Hi Ben,

I can't see a max order count for the business plan or enterprise plan.

At least Selro are open and honest on their FB page...

Hi guys we are experiencing a high volume of interest and are getting back to everyone as quickly as possible please be patient and we will get to you thank you for all the interested.

Good morning common question moving from linnworks the migration process is easy please connect marketplaces or copy the data into selro csv file

Yeh Selro customer support Kloe asked for my number as I had a few questions about their system. Called me in 5 minutes explained all the details and now im in their system migrating. Their UI looks more modern, but I'll see how it goes.

I guess It's farewell my fellow Linnworks buddies. I hope you all find a better solution for your business and all the best in the future :) 

It seems currently its between storefeeder and selro. Selro has more channels that you can create listings etc on, storefeeder seems to have decent warehouse operations managements etc. I guess its whichever you prioritize more! I also spoke to both and have demos booked. Both look decent, updated. Never thought i would say this but adios linnworks amigos!

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