New Pricing What A Joke!

.....We have listened to you, we want to help small businesses, reward your loyalty, total crap!

Our subscription is due to increase from £200 to £450 that is a 125% increase, I will just repeat that, 125%!!

Your order volume breaks are well out of line unless you are a bedroom eBayer

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Callum Campbell - your english sense of humour is really the lowest level I could imagine ... smiling at our face saying that new plan is more honest and better ... you went too far !!!

There are few much better softwares from Central Europe during much better with royal mail FBA EBAY SHOPIFY WOOCOMMERCE ETC for much less money and without your stupid CAPS !!!  I am finally gone from this bullshit boat ! enough is enough. Total luck of respect  for last 3 years !

Wow! I, like everybody who has posted, am utterly shocked by the price increase. A great value tool (which isn't cheap, but if I am honest I would pay a bit more for) at £1,800 per year. If we stay our subscription will rise by between 200-350%. It's difficult to understand the logic, because it seems like a company with a pretty good reputation have managed to annoy a lot of customers very quickly. 

Would we be happy with a price rise? No. Would we be able to live with a 50% rise to £2700? Probably. Or a 100% rise to £3,600? Maybe. A 350% increase though? It's difficult to see where we are going to find an extra £6,000 from. 

In the blink of an eye I have gone from a very happy customer, who was looking forward to a long and bright future with Linnworks, to a very fed up one who is struggling to see any future at all with the software. 

If anything like these increases were planned it should have been done over a much longer period don't you think? It's bizarre. Not a good customer experience.

This is also not helping our business grow either! Our first thought was how can we drop SKUs or remove a channel to try to fit into the standard plan. 

Are we now better off subscribing to 2 separate Linnworks accounts and splitting the SKUs across 2 accounts? Would that even work? The order limit would still be a problem for us, but 40,000 SKUs for £300 per month would be slightly less of a blow. 

What a total nightmare this is turning into. I am so annoyed. So annoyed.

Selro looks OK for basic order processing, listing and inventory control. Be interested to see what others make of it as these are the only functions of Linnworks that we really use. 

Our bill will also be doubled to just under £3000+VAT based on our current monthly sale which has decreased a lot recently so I expect a higher bill over all. What an absolute joke for small business that sell lots of low value items.


Have been with Linnworks from the early days, 7 years. 2016 they did something similar and doubled our bill, we bent the knee as they say and put up with it in order to avoid the hassle of moving. But no more I say, it’s just not acceptable, imagine if we could double the selling price of our products every two years! Now that a thought. 90% of linnworks features we don't use but after 7 years we still relay on workarounds for some very basic functions we need. i got tickets from 2015-2016 still pending implemention/correction date. Even i forgot about them!


I hope Callum read’s this forum because his article is a joke, his pricing structure is a joke and unfortunately this is the last straw. “Fair pricing for all our customers” what a load of BS!!!!


If anyone has suggestion for alternatives I am all ears, we can’t afford Linnworks anymore!!!

Navid Elyadaran exactly as I see it, in 2016 we went from £66 a month to £180, £150 if paid up front, If I remember rightly they tried to dress it up as being good for us with 24/7 support being one of the reasons, well try ringing support, 

Now they are dressing it up as something else, we are not stupid and the announcement insults our intelligence as if we would be unable to see what they are doing, Enough is enough for me, We are a very small business and things haven't been good lately so this is the last thing we need, however I'm determined to not let companies like linnworks walk all over us, enough is enough

When I joined LW I seen all the hassle and people who jumped ship after their last price increase. I never thought it would happen again so soon. 

We're a small company who will have over 5000 orders a month this year, but with an average order value of £7. 

LW is not scaleable for us, so we will be leaving, along with a lot of smaller businesses. 

Perhaps this is what they want?  the 80/20 rule. Get rid of 80% of the small guys and keep the top 20% of the big spenders. 

Also been with Linnworks for around 8 years now. We ship around 3500 orders a week so the extra charge per sale is going to hit us hard.

Unfortunately, like I have read from others, we have been forced to look at alternatives. Just waiting on my demo with Selro and Store Feeder before I decide on my next move, but I will certainly not be paying around £1500 a month for Linnworks. Not a chance.

Now have 2 demos booked today selro and store feeder, both look promising.

Still no comment from Linnworks?

So we get a Loyalty Discount/extra credits, etc for being an existing customer..... What happens next year????  There nothing to say this loyalty extra will continue, so we'll then all be on the standard plans in another year's time and it will cost even more?????  Has anyone any info on this?

Where is the "counted orders page"? Thanks

For those who think that this is just a pricing error and you are expecting an apology message on this board or via email, well, don't hold your breath. Take a look at channelgrabber, they have very similar pricing plans, so you can bet this is not an error... Linnworks is big enough now to get rid of us. With an increase this big, they can afford to loose many costumers and they are prepared for it. Probably, that is exactly what they want. And to be fair, maybe a dozen of us posted here? Sure, probably a lot more people complaining directly to them over the phone/live chat but i don't think it will make any difference. 

We started using linnworks in august 2011. Like for many, 80% of the functionality is completely useless for us. We were very temped to leave them after the last increase but it would have been a lot of work, so we stayed. The £150+VAT is already the absolute maximum we will pay for this software so this time, staying is not an option. We are leaving and we will be gone before the first increased payment is due. Not that they care... 

We too have been using Linnworks for over 7 years and during this time we still only use a small percentage of their 'features'. The new pricing structure is nothing short of a disgrace and a huge slap in the face to all their loyal customers who have helped them grow over the last decade. For a small company like mine who sells over 3500 orders a month at an average of £4 per order, the pricing structure appears to be designed to get rid of us and retain the larger ones. What has happened to Linnworks?? The heart and soul of the company has been lost and they have now turned into a untrustworthy and emotionless corporate bully. The owners need to look long and hard at the management team they have put together and ask themselves if they really want to be known as a company like that...

I appeal to everyone here to go to TrustPilot and leave an honest review of how you feel treated by this company. 

We have too been with Linnworks since 2012 -  nearly left with last price hike - had few demos booked but decided that we will swallow it.

We are not hit by the price increase - we will pay the same as we are paying at the moment - but this does not mean that I will not look for alternatives now.

Just booked a demo with selro. This is because I will not pay any fees based on the sales volume - linnworks has nothing to do with our sales - its simple as that.

Their order count even includes Amazon FBA sales !? We have only activated the FBA function as their software was creating the ghost listings on amazon making a mess with orders. Now they are counting my FBA orders that has nothing to do with linnworks order processing to my order count ?! No thank you.

I second Sam's suggested, post reviews explaining your own feelings and situation. Linnworks will have read this thread so they had an opportunity to post a short comment saying "we are looking at this" so everyone knows they have been heard.

Linnworks aren't  listening to their Loyal Customers and they certainly arent responding.publicly

I received a response via an open ticket to schedule a meeting, booked the earliest one which was Friday - Too long away, I may well have signed with someone else and I can certainly post a LOT of reviews by then too as there is no other way to vent the fury this price changed has caused let alone the additional work.

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