New Pricing What A Joke!

.....We have listened to you, we want to help small businesses, reward your loyalty, total crap!

Our subscription is due to increase from £200 to £450 that is a 125% increase, I will just repeat that, 125%!!

Your order volume breaks are well out of line unless you are a bedroom eBayer

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We are also on the border line

I agree the price hike is not justifiable for us

The % Increase is too much

Absolutely ridiculous, looks like someone just wants a pay day. No justification whatsoever on such a hike. 

I concur, For us in the US it is $1,000 increase (over 50%) plus more if we do so many sales. This was not well thought out or they figure the price increase will be more then enough to cover the amount of lost customers. 

Me too, absolutely ridiculous a big jump for us too.

What i dont understand is that on the subs page in .net is says "counted orders" - I can't find a definition of a "counted order", and our counted orders does not equal our actual orders.

Loyalty bonus .. another joke...give me more skus that I dont need and more orders that apparently I dont need.

Do Linnworks want us to leave?

Hi Mina and Darren, 

If you email me at and provide your email address I'll be able to assign you to someone :) 

Thanks in advance, 


I think they figure, just like Channel Advisor, Brightpearl and countless others, having just a few customers who spend a lot rather than thousands who spend a little means less resources all around.

Time to move to Selro I think, been putting it off for a while now but you can't argue with £149 ($199) unlimited everything, 5 users.

Not heard of Selro, going to have a look now, thanks for the tip.

We are leaving too. We signed up with them many years ago when they charged around £20. When they increased it to £180, we almost left. No brainer this time. £450 is ridiculous and outrageous and they have the nerve to call it the "exclusive loyalty plan". 

Could be a defining moment for the new CEO, pissed all the customers off...all the customers pissed off! :-0

Ours is increasing by 320%!!  They'll probably add some features we'll never use.

We cannot live with these costs, we have been developing our own system for a while but this is still a year away. Just had a look at Selro, looks promising, going to email them and see if they are offering an extra help to Linnworks users to help migration.

What I dont understand is Linnworks have all the numbers to do the calculations and someone thinks this is acceptable

Noticed also in my account on the subs page, the counted order average is about 1/30 of what it should be, maybe their calculators are broken!

Absolutely ridiculous, how can this be justified and the "We believe that this order-based model best reflects the value of the services we provide to you, in a way that the old user-based model did not." is total nonsense, ripped straight out of some buzzword generator tool. 

Looks like someone wants a quick(er) payday and want to be smoking cigars with the rest of the fat cats in town.  Shopping around for sure this time around, if the last price increase wasn't enough to make most jump ships then this one will most definitely will.

I think they may have made a mistake with the counted orders.  It's showing for last 365 months (not days).  We haven't been with them for that long so the order count is showing a weeks orders.


I too will have to move on, We sell around 120 orders a day but the majority are very small orders approx £2.50 per item with tight margins. I have been loyal to Linnworks for well over 7 years now and there is no way we can afford anything near 450 a month. If the meeting we have arranged doesn't help us going forward in any way then Its time to sadly say farewell and start looking for an alternative.

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