Improved My Inventory View

I would like to see the My Inventory Screen Improved so that it splits the screen into 2 separate parts. The product details section (SKU, Name, Barcode etc.) and the listing channels section.  By doing this you could locate the product you wish to list and then on the pain next to it scroll left or right to locate the channel you wish to list under.  I would also like the Source changed to the company Logo so that less room is taken up on screen.  Both pains would be scroll-able left and right.  See example attached.   

Could you achieve this by making new tabs for each listing channel? 

We have setup tabs for 'Amazon', 'eBay' etc... where they only have columns that are relevant to the channel or task.

If you have high number of channels you would need a lot of tabs if you were to have one per channel.  This would reduce the number of rows you see.  You therefore need to change the way that tabs are labeled to include the option of just a small jpeg logo.  

I have a 'view' set up which show this information.

Hi Duncan / Lynne

Yes we have also set up a view to show this information but to fit it all on the same screen you will either need a huge screen or will have to reduce your web page down to fit all columns on the same page.  Neither option is that appealing. 

By having the screen split (See attachment) you can scroll left and right in both windows and you could have the title or SKU next to the channel you wish to list on. 

Additionally, when we began using Linnworks we gave our sub-source's long titles. This now causes us issues with the width of the columns which we list under (They have to be opened fully to see the channel and are therefore wide).  By having just the logo and the country code it would use far less space and we would be able to fit more columns onto the screen.  

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