Composite and manufactured items.

We manufacture items made up of components.

The manufactured item is then listed for sale.

I had an idea to use composites to maintain stock control on finished items and components. The problem is that a manufactured item is not just a collection of individual items and a composite SKU would show the total number of possible units depending on component quantities and not the number of assembled units ready for sale. I had some thoughts that warehouse locations to achieve this but still haven't found a solution.

Any guidance would be gratefully received.

Hello Bruno,

Here is one idea.

You can create two locations: 

1. where you will hold stock for components

2. where you will hold stock for ready items

So the first step will be to create a Composite parent and add into it all components as composite childs. Then, once item is being manufactured (made up of those components) - you will transfer relevant stock amount to your second location which is for 'ready' items (you will need to transfer relevant amount of each component child so in the 'ready' location they can also sum up to a relevant number of 'ready' items under the composite parent.

Warehouse Transfer documentation: 

Kind regards,


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