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 Hi Anyone(;-))

Not sure if anyone can help with this, but I'd be really pleased if they can(;-))

I use linnworks desktop on my PC & when I click shipping management these days it leads me straight the it didn't used to do that.. the shipping management tab would keep me in my desktop application (I use Royal Mail as a shipper), is there anything I can click on to change this so that I stay within my linnworks desktop application to access the royal mail listings? I use windows 10.

Thank you in advance if anyone can help me please?.. with my kind regards.. Grant(;-))

Hello Grant,

Royal Mail shipping integration has been updated to a newer version and now it is only .net based.

You can still see it from Desktop in the list of your integrated vendors and you can still use its shipping services while managing orders from Desktop. But the integration itself has to be configured from .net website.

If you need to select the printer from which you want to print shipping labels for that integration - you still need to do it from Desktop (since you are printing labels from Desktop).

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