Back Order, Pre-order, minus stock

I cannot understand for the life of me why this is not implemented already and is not in linnworks from the start

Seemingly it is impossible (or at least really awkward) to have back orders

Say a customer want a composite item and its made up from 4 individual "boxes" or 4 individual products but only 2 of them are in stock and 2 are out of stock

if we process the order it will, of course, minus 1 from the 2 items in stock but the 2 items that are out of stock merely stay at '0', thus we have no idea when we get a stock arrival how many are 'preallocated'

solution available now are:

A) split the order and process those in stock, have the out of stock items left in open orders = time-consuming, lots of orders left in open orders, hard to monitor what is dispatched and what is not......

B) process the order and keep a paper copy of what orders are incomplete and take a stock take on every stock arrival of the item in question = time consuming, how can i control stock if i have no idea where it has gone??

For the life of me I do not know why Linnworks cannot go to minus stock levels???? So instead of 0 its '-1', -2' and so on???

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