Reverse an Inventory Stock Movement from Stocking In Inventory


During a Stock In connected to a Purchase Order, I created a stock movement that should not have occurred.  This seems like it could happen frequently to those of us who are using Stock In with inventory items that are due on multiple POs.  I am requesting a function to reverse a stock movement so that the inventory is correct and the amount of inventory due on the affected PO(s) is correct.

We use Stock In function.  In this case, the item was on multiple POs and the Book In button was accidentally pressed twice - resulting in the remaining due being received on two separate POs.  This received the inventory item on the PO in received status, and increases the stock level in  There is no clear way to reverse such an occurrence so that the inventory is correct and the inventory due on the PO is correct.  

Currently, we would have to manually adjust the inventory, then add the incorrectly stocked in quantity to the relevant PO which artificially inflates the PO and likely affects other metrics.

We are usually careful about Stock In and stock movements, but mistakes happen and an adjusting entry method would be very helpful.  Please let me know your thoughts.  Thank you.

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