Monday morning , again cannot print labels , timing out

As with last Monday we are trying to print labels on the busiest day of the week. Started very slow , now timing out and cannot print. Status as with last Monday showing operational but last week support ticket admitted there was an issue. 

it's still happening on and off today, very slow to print the labels and sometimes i'm getting the same error message and it won't print labels at all, to me this looks like something that has been happening on and off for at least a month, why is it still occurring?

We are still experiencing VERY Slow print times this week. 

Wednesday this time but broken again. Any one know when we can get back up and running? Our staff are standing by waiting,


OK 3 hours on and we are still at a standstill with no information other than what is on the system status??? Its not possible to get through on the phone, we cannot print any labels or invoices.

I called through to support earlier and was lucky enough to get through. The fix given remotely and now shown on the "service status" page did work temporarily but wont't fix it now. 

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