Monday morning , again cannot print labels , timing out

As with last Monday we are trying to print labels on the busiest day of the week. Started very slow , now timing out and cannot print. Status as with last Monday showing operational but last week support ticket admitted there was an issue. 


We are currently experiencing an issue with our printing servers not being able to process some of the requests. This may result in time-out errors and exceptions being returned when printing shipping labels, invoices, etc. Our development team is currently working on a refactoring of our printing module, which should resolve these problems for good.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this.

more info on our status page:

I am on holiday in the USA my team are back in the UK unable so far to print any labels and invoices from 8am till 1.30pm today!! they have until 3pm to ship the orders! This could be the end of my business! 

I am on holiday in the USA at the moment - my team back home have been waiting from 8am until now 1.30pm cannot print invoices or labels, its now an impossible task to do this all before 3pm. This could be the end of my business, stress you need whilst on holiday!

status page showing 2 hours ago that it is fixed but it isn't ....   

"The load on our printing servers has reduced, as such, while time-out errors may still be an occurrence, we expect it to be operating more smoothly now."

Yep, certainly not fixed!!


The issue is considered as fixed now.

Please accept our apologies for the caused inconveniences during the day.

Kind regards,


Technical Support

I wanted to chime in here as a customer who is growing with Linnworks and wants to help the solution improve.

FACT: Shipping Integration development and maintenance is complicated and requires substantial attention.

I have also experienced one day of being unable to ship through and it was very worrisome indeed.  To say or even think that shipping uptime is acceptable because it was only down 4-5 times a year is a true misconception of the severity of the the problem.  Inability to ship will cripple the business operation if not fixed in time, and this sentiment of anxiety when a mission critical function is non-functional has been shared on this thread.  Fixing shipping function the next day often has serious negative consequences for the customer of Linn Systems.  Understandably, this is sometimes the fault of the shipping provided, but we are focusing on Linnworks Shipping in this discussion.

TEMPORARY SOLUTION: Since Linn Systems has customers worldwide, I believe that one capable shipping developer should be available(on call, not necessarily in the office) 24 hours to address shipping glitches and errors.

Personally, I have devised some backup plans to deal with shipping being down, but would feel more confident that Linn Systems is taking the issue as seriously as its customers if Linn Systems immediately assigned a shipping developer to be a watchmen 24/7 until utmost shipping reliability is attained in shipping.

PERMANENT SOLUTION: Increased speed of response with improved early warning mechanisms(shipping error threshold alerts that will notify the proper dev team) and built-in redundancy and self-healing of shipping and other modules.  I believe the founder had mentioned self-healing programs in one of his talks and hope that is in the near future.

Thanks for your consideration and kind regards.

That is us out of the seller fulfilled prime program and unable to offer premium shipping all because of the issues this day. 

"You will not be eligible to offer Premium Shipping options for a minimum of 7 days and maximum of 30 days. If all requirements have been met, and at least 7 days have passed, you will be eligible to offer Premium Shipping again. If you have a Premium Shipping option selected in your Shipping Settings, it will automatically appear on your offers, once your status has been restored to eligible."

Thanks linnworks

we cannot print again - no response from support, no support chat facility on pages, no answer on phone. We should be compensated for these outages. This mperformance and response is completely unacceptable!

Hello everyone, we are aware of the issues and are working on them, please follow this status page for updates Apologies for the inconvenience.

It always seems to be on a Monday UK Peak time. Absolute nightmare.

I agree, got through to support and the response was oh we are aware, so i asked why's it not on the status page and why is no one answering live support, it's all affected, even the status page?

Hi Matthew, 

Because we we monitor our internal systems we immediately noticed the issue and took action. The Status-Page however, is an external system and happened to be unresponsive this morning when we wanted to alert everyone about the slowdown on the printing services. That is why we made an alternative status-page ( I've got confirmation that the printing issue was resolved several minutes ago and should be up to speed again. We will continue to monitor the situation closely. 

Thank you for your patience and once again apologies for the inconvenience caused. 

Best regards,

Klaas Schippers

Customer Experience

Dear Klaas,

It would be helpful to us customers if Linnworks provided us with more information with regards to this ongoing printing issue on Monday mornings.

It is not very helpful when your status page reports no issues, your phone support has you on hold for 20 minutes and when you eventually get through no information is provided other than developers are working on it.

This has been ongoing for some time now and the problems clearly still persist which is very concerning as a Linnworks customer.

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