Postal rule for Resends

I want to set up a postal rule in the rule engine for a resend orders to use a specific postal method however I cannot see resends as an option? I have been advised on the chat this is not possible and I was wondering if it could as I am sure you can imagine a resend postal rules are quite important!

Hi Louise,

In order to apply a condition in the Rules Engine module that would only affect Resends, you would need to use the Status field as the filter and set it to equal a value of 'Resend':

Once this condition is applied, you will be able to add an action to it of the 'Assign postal service to order' type and the next time you action a Resend and a new order is created, the selected postal service will be assigned to it:

I do apologize for the miscommunication in chat. I will analyze your conversation with our agent and make sure that this doesn't happen again.

Best regards,


Amazing! Thanks

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