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On the PO, How do I show that I buy goods in USD and pay for shipping services, UK VAT and UK DUTY in GBP?
As far as I can see I have to either do this in USD or GBP not both. I buy in USD. By the time the goods land in the UK I am then paying in GBP for importing costs and shipping charges. I was hoping the new singing and dancing PO would cover this but it seems like it has been abandoned half way thorough its design.

Also I only have a 'shipping' option on my 'Other costs' section. I would also like to see 'Duty' and 'VAT' as other drop down options.

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Thank you for your email.

There is just one type of 'other costs' available at the moment, I am afraid. 

But in order to adjust it for your needs you could put the 'Duty' or 'VAT' explanations into the 'Reference' column of the Other Costs table.

Also, could you please explain how do you expect the PO total to be calculated if PO would have different currencies in it?

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