SHIPPING and BILLING addresses SAVED in Linnworks

Why does the Linnworks system only save the SHIPPING address? I have my invoices push to quickbooks online and the BILLING address is where the invoices are emailed/sent. So I have to MANUALLY (and tediously) fill in the BILLING address and contact info every single time (if I want my workflow to work properly). It adds so much time and hassle! If this is not fixed I can almost guarantee I will need to discontinue using Linnworks at some point!

I have used dozens of business "systems" (CRM, ERP, Accounting, Warehousing, Inventory, etc) and ALL of them save both BILLING and SHIPPING info. In fact, they also allowed for multiple SHIPPING addresses. So each system saves a CUSTOMER, and that customer has a BILLING address, and then many have multiple SHIPPING addresses. So in Linnworks it would be a simple hierarchy and you just select an address for BILLING and SHIPPING once you type in (and search) for the CUSTOMER when creating a new order.

It would be no different at all (although possibly a hurdle considering the complexity of your programming) than what you are already doing with the SHIPPING address. So just duplicate (or create a nice CUSTOMER-BILLING-SHIPPING CRM type of system into Linnworks.

I underrstand that many customers are e-commerce so don't typically deal with this, but if you want to GROW and adapt to all of the businesses that are moving over to e-commerce from traditional, you will have to implement something!\

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