Drop Down List to Pick Extended Properties (Attributes), etc

 A while back Linnworks mentioned lookup tables they were working on in the system, but we never got to use these and then never heard about them ever again. I don't know if this still exists and/or if people use them at all?!?

We want to simplify the process of creating new items, and as we have around 25 extended attributes per SKU this would make life simpler.

Ideally, we'd like the ability to setup a few lists of attributes for users to pick from, rather than having to type them manually every time..and causing spelling mistakes and unneccesary extra attributes.

When creating the new item, we'd like the system to pre-populate the 25 extended property "Name" and have the ability for the user to pick from a drop down list of the values (ie. Name > Brand, then user picks "Value" from list of Brands we stock.

Any suggestions from other users, or Linnworks staff that think they could help would be greatfully received.



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