Split Multiple Item Orders Per Default Supplier Or Location

Before I start writing a Macro for this, I am just wondering if any one has already written a script or macro to split a multiple item order per default supplier or location. 

Here is the scenario:

I have an order that has 4 items:

SKU A  from Supplier/Location A

Sku B is from Supplier/Location B

Sku C is from Supplier/Location C

Sku D is from Supplier/Location C

What I need to do is split the order into 3 orders (all linked to the original order of course) so that:

 Sku A gets put into Supplier/Location Folder A

Sku B gets put into Supplier/Location Folder B

Sku C and Sku D gets put into Supplier/Location Folder C

If no one has written a Macro for this scenario, is there some one that can guide me in scripting this?  It would be very much appreciated.


Hi Brian,

If you didn't find this macro - my team would be happy to help you with it.

You can contact me via email akornytskyi@brainence.com

Have a nice one ;)

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