Bulk stock boxes


I really need an option to manage stock as cases as well, so, for example, a product comes in cases of 6, of which all 6 units are sold individually.

However, the suppliers will reference these by cases. So if we want to purchase 120 units, we will order 20 cases.

Currently, the warehouse staff need to calculate the stock by multiples of a case. For example, we have one SKU that comes 3 in a case then another SKU that comes 12 in a case. We've had a purchase order that was for 20 cases of 3, but the warehouse thought it was cases of 6, so they booked in (20x6) 120 units, instead of just 60.

Also, a lot of customers are looking to buy products in bulk, so they would buy 5 cases of this specific SKU, which in Linnworks terms would mean 30 units.

For now, I'm creating composites, but this is not the perfect solution.

Please advise.

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