user logins by name, in order to monitor who is using a login

Change to user login for unchanged security and better reporting.

We would like linnworks to change the user login from email + password to email + password + USER ID.

this would allow for better security, and would also enable to track who is doing what on a certain login, which has for a company lots of benefits:

like we would have 5 people in admin 2 tech teams, 4 packing people 5 production people.

As for logins we actually only need 4, cause production would only login to book some stock in, which is maybe 20min a day in total they would use the system

Our tech teams would not need a login as if anything wrong they mainly use one admin but then again there only working with if somethings wrong or we update something

but there is not a single way to hold people accountable if they have not done something or if they did something wrong, as there is no way to see if you have two tech teams in and you want to check who used which login, as there is not a single user ID linked to it you can only see individually per item when it was done, then good luck figure out who did which task...

If we there would be user ID as well linked to the system, it would make reporting and accountability easy, and would avoid having to spend nearly 1000£ a month to have several user only use the system like 10-20min a day

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