Cleaning up Amazon Custom data with a scipt

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Some of you may be aware that Amazon Custom information is now being downloaded with orders into Linnworks. I was just wondering if it's possible to clean this data up with a simple script?

For one of our product categories, we actually only require the name information being provided by the customer (they don't have the ability to enter any other customisation information during the order process). However by default all the information is being downloaded (see image attached).

We therefore want a simple script to remove all the needless information and then just to rename the s1a1_text property with "Name" (as this is included on the customer invoice).

My scripting skills aren't too great but I'm hoping this should be quite simple with the right direction!

Any help most welcome.



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Hi - just a quick bump - anyone have any experience with the above?


Hi Mike, We are looking at implementing amazon custom, our personalised text is currently coming into Linnworks via gift message note. Can i ask how does the text customisation display on the linnworks order screen if we enroll?

Sorry just seen your image displaying the text under composites, Can you high lite and copy the text from the processing screen, if not can you high lite or right click the information from the edit order screen?

Hi Matthew - yes it is possible to copy the data out - left click, highlight and copy. Albeit you have to do the label and data separately.

You do have to go into the edit order screen to get this (or view order) - but you might be able to customise the open orders screen to show it (we currently don't).

Thanks Mike, i'm getting sick of messaging customers who don't enter or send the information after ordering, this will help a lot. 

I will update this thread if i experience the same problems your getting once i get going.

No problem - I understand your issue more than you can imagine. We a very new to Amazon Custom (about 6 months in) and it is a revolution for people doing personalised on that channel. As you will have experienced, the problems really come when you start having late deliveries or cancelled orders on Amazon which really effects your performance. With Amazon Custom this has to be entered so you encounter none of these issues.

It is only in the last month that the data now comes into LW (before it was not in the correct format) via the additional info element. This is useful for orders with multiple items and therefore multiple personalisations as each personalisation is attached to each specific item. However it does come in in a bit of a strange format (as seen in the screenshot) which needs cleaning up manually. I think this will eventually be mapped otherwise a custom macro will need to be written to allow us to do it - I can't find a way to do this myself and sadly don't have the coding skills to write my own macro to do it.

Hopefully the more people request the better as I suspect it's simple fix!

Hi Mike, We have the amazon custom set up now, and i can see what you mean. Its very messy and it would be great if we can choose what information is displayed. Also we would strongly benefit from moving selected custom information from the order to the invoice template

Hi Guys, Have any of you managed to create SKU's on Amazon through Linnworks using Amazon Custom? Or are you manually creating these and then just using the details that are imported into LW once an order is placed?

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